Single Phase (1:1) online

Model     : SPW/T
Product : Sentinel Power
Rating    : 5-10 kVA
  • High UPS reliability
  • Operating mode selection
  • High quality output voltage
  • Simplified installation
  • High battery reliability
  • Low impact on the mains
SENTINEL POWER is the ideal solution for powering vital mission critical, sensitive loads such as electro-medical security applications in order to guarantee maximum reliability and availability. The series includes 5kVA-6kVA single/single phase and 6.5kVA-8kVA-10kVA single/single phase and three/single phase models and uses double conversion on-line technology (VFI). The load is powered constantly by the inverter which supplies filtered, stabilised and regulated sinewave voltage. Moreover, the input and output filters increase the immunity of the load against mains power disturbances and lightning strikes. SENTINEL POWER is without doubt one of the best UPS systems on the market today thanks to the technology used, the features (selectable Economy Mode and Smart Mode) and the diagnostics offered (custom LCD display, RS232 and USB interfaces complete with Powershield³ software, EPO contact and slots for optional interface boards).