• low-cost-temperature-sensor.jpg
    DaisyTemp Sensor

    Utilize your securityProbe to it’s maximum potential by having multiple temperature sensor datapoints on one Intelligent sensor port.

  • rope-water-sensor.jpg
    RopeWater Sensor

    Ideal for use in basements and under false floors and roof spaces, the ropeWater sensor can cover a large area.

  • locate water sensor.jpg
    LocateWater Sensor

    The locateWater sensor will give you a precise location of the water leak so you can respond promptly to protect your enterprise resources from water damage.

  • server-rack-thermocouple-adaptors.jpg
    J-K Thermocouple Adapters

    The thermocouple adapters are designed to integrate either the AKCess Pro thermocouple

  • high-temperature-thermocouple-sensor-rod.jpg
    Thermocouple Sensor

    he AKCess Pro thermocouple is perfect for use in heavy industries, such as petrochemical and metal processing.

  • data-center-air-velocity-transmitter.jpg
    Air Velocity Transmitter

    The Air Velocity Transmitter is designed for systems that generate heat, and a steady flow of air is necessary to dissipate this in order to maintain system reliability and safety

  • thumb-rfid-swing-handle-V3.jpg

    RFID Swing Handle Lock

    An RFID proximity card swing handle cabinet lock will secure both front and rear doors of your cabinet.

  • securitySensor.jpg
    Security Sensor

    The Security sensor is a magnetic on/off switch for monitoring doors and windows.

  • vibration-detector-sensor.jpg
    vibrationDetect Sensor

    The AKCess Pro vibrationDetect sensor is designed for protecting against forced entry