Model     : AVT00
Product : Air Velocity Transmitter
The Air Velocity Transmitter is designed for systems that generate heat, and a steady flow of air is necessary to dissipate this in order to maintain system reliability and safety

This device is meant to monitor the status and the amount of the flowing air.

  • Product Code: AVT00
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  • On/off and % thresholds alarm signal of airflow
  • Airflow data graphically displayed of over time
  • Accurate, cost effective flow sensing
  • Includes Duct mounting bracket
  • Base unit auto detects the presence of the airflow sensor
  • Up to 2 airflow sensors per sensorProbe2, 8 per sensorProbe8 and securityProbe
  • Air Velocity Transmitter can be extended to your desired cable length using one of our CAT5 extension cables, CABXX, or you can provide your own cable of any length up to 60 feet