Model     : SP8
Product : SensorProbe8
The sensorProbe8 (SP8) is a completely embedded host with a proprietary Linux like OS which includes TCP/IP stack,

  • Fully embedded TCP/IP and web-server.
  • Built-in notification features – Email and SNMP traps.
  • 8 auto-sense ports for connecting any AKCess Pro sensors.
  • A new improved web-based interface for easy configuration and monitoring.
  • Continuous time feature on every sensor port to eliminate false warning alerts.
  • Login for User and Administrator for better security.
  • Battery backed time of day clock for an accurate system date and time.
  • A standalone product without any external hardware and software dependencies.
  • Micro code firmware update over the Internet.
  • Customized color configuration for displaying alerts.
  • Network Management System Integration.