Model     : IODC8
Product : IO-Digital8 Sensor
IO-Digital8 sensor with 8 ALARM/NORMAL indication

The dry contacts can be configured as inputs or outputs and the IO-digital8 is user definable so it can be used to detect many different inputs.

  • Product Code: IODC8
  • MSRP Price:
  • Powered by the base unit


  • SNMP interface for alarm/normal status
  • SNMP traps sent when critical
  • SNMP polling via get command
  • When an alarm condition is activated the description and location of the fault can be sent via email, SMS, MMS, Skype, phone calls and other advanced notifications from the securityProbe 5E’s web interface
  • Each of the 8 dry contacts on the IO-digital8 sensor can also be configured as outputs either 0 VDC or 5 VDC and can sink up to 20 mA of current when connected to a load