Model     : PRB00-ACO
Product : AC Sensor Controlled Relay
The Sensor Controlled Relay can control the electrical power to devices managed over the Internet

The relay can provide automatic responses to sensor alerts, for example, to switch on the fan when the room temperature rises beyond the threshold level or to turn on a light when the motion detector is triggered.

  • Product Code: PRB00-ACO
  • MSRP Price:

Note: There are two versions of the sensor controlled relay, 110V input for USA supply voltages, and 220V for EU supply voltages. If you are unsure about which product to order, please contact us at See our price list for ordering details.


  • Relay designed to control mains line voltage – 110 VAC, in the US, 220 VAC in the EU
  • IEC connector rating is 10 Amps for 220 VAC and 10 Amps for 110 VAC
  • Operates from a single +5 V DC Power Supply from the sensorProbe. Power cords supplied support maximum 6 A
  • Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) and snubber circuit protect the open contacts of the relays from high voltage spikes
  • 4 LEDs indicate the status of the Relay, Power Supply, AC Line Voltage and AC Load Voltage
  • Up to 2 Sensor Controlled Relays per sensorProbe2. Up to 8 Sensor Controlled Relays per sensorProbe8, securityProbe, securityProbe 5E or E-sensor8 expansion module
  • Full auto-sense including disconnect alarm